Welcome to the Twilight Avengers (TA) Recruiting Area.

TA are on the Khyber Server and are what many refer to as an aggressive or powergaming guild. RP is fine, but improving our characters, and completing content will always be our primary goal.

This involves dedication, teamwork, and to a degree, Time Investment. Not only in the game, but to each other.

Let me state a few things up front about what is expected of you in TA.

We Expect you to:
1 ) RAID - that means sign up, and show up.
2 ) Stick to yer MAIN - That means yer main character needs to be geared well. Not your 3rd alt. or your fourth alt. Don't get me wrong, feel free to outfit your alts well, but not at the sacrifice of your main.
3 ) Play you MAIN - that means raids mostly. Your main is why you're here. You should know that toon better than any other you have.
4 ) Don't be an ASS. Realize this is a team. We won't tolerate people who just do their own thing without thinking about how it affects the guild structure, balance, dynamic, and overall capability. If yer thinking this is a loot farm. Think again. You can loot farm on yer own, you don't need us.


The way to get into TA is pretty Simple in proceedure.

You MUST be Level 17 Minimum.
"An Officer better Like you"

That's it.
Now the second part can happen one of 2 ways.
"Someone in the guild is able to convince an Officer that they should like you."
"You convince an Officer they should like you."


If You are interested in Joining.
You must agree to the following.

1 ) You must be dedicated to reading our Forums. Too much information goes into them to ignore.

2 ) You must be able to use Ventrilo Speak. Or at least have speakers so you can hear. But havnig a microphone to talk is alot better.

3 ) You must Stay Active. Presence is number 1.
Being absent for more than 15 days can result in removal.

Now if all that is well and good, and you want to apply.

Lastly (And lets see who read down this far)

A ) IN the subject line, Post NAME / LEVEL / CLASS
ie: Riott Ad Infinitum / Lvl 17 / Fighter

It's also important to note in many cases if your specializing.
ie: Rangers go 2 weapon style or Archery, Fighters also can vary (sword and board, 2 weapon style, 2 handed weapon, ranged)

B ) Then in the body tell us anything else about yourself and that you agree to the guild outline above.

C ) Be patient. We have a hard cap on members. That means sooner or later we fill up with "X" class and we don't recruit anymore. But eventually folks turn over, and on occasion we'll open another section.

Updated 12/01/09 - Level 17 minimum.

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